Kitten Legs

kitten legs.

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everyone, kitten legs was super unprepared for this, but apparently kitten legs has ADMIRERS?  she got to meet some of them at TCAF and wow it was a great experience!!  kitten legs has rarely felt so loved and fuzzy and adorable (these friends were so great that they made kitten legs feel EXTRA ADORABLE—have you felt that, friends?).  

1 - meowgon 2 - hamletmachine  3 - playerprophet  4 - michaelfirman

jeez, gosh, these friends were so nice to meet!  you know what?  kitten legs wants to find each and every one of these friends and just get real cuddly.  just snuggle right up there all warm and silky.  and then purr. do you have friends that make you feel like that?

heck, kitten legs might even want to knead.  

[I am fairly sure I’ve misplaced some papers from TCAF in which there is at least one more kitten legs, and I haven’t scanned anything from my sketchbook yet, just loose stuff, so there will probably be another post like this in a bit!  don’t fret if you drew a legs and she isn’t here!]

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    I believe kitten legs is 100% correct in her belief. Also I love these sketches so so so much.
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    a word to the wise: do not try to draw small cats with crayons, it’s a terrible decision but look at shoujo sparkles...
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    Yaaay thanks for scanning my silly kitten legs. UwU
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    Oh my gosh you described that in the cutest way possible ;v; fdkgjkdlfldkfjglkjdf